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I hope you like these photos. They are family snaps, often out of focus and invariably badly composed - but they do show the richness of Rebecca's life.

  1. Rebecca (aged six weeks) with her proud parents, at her aunt's wedding.
  2. Rebecca, aged six-months. She is chewing the family Christening gown.
  3. First haircut - at a trendy Parnell salon of course!
  4. Having a ripping good time!
  5. How much hair can I pull out before Dad wakes up?
  6. With her grandfather on a visit to a goat farm.
  7. Sharing a hug and a secret.
  8. In the story circle at child care.
  9. Rebecca was one-year-old when she visited Hong Kong.   Here's the standard rickshaw picture.
  10. Wow CAKE! at her Great-Grandfather's birthday party.
  11. Rebecca had clowns at her third birthday party. They're busy painting everyone's faces.
  12. Weekend fun ... Sliding with Jonathan and Joanna
  13. Gardening with dad.
  14. Playing 'Pass the Parcel' at Stephanie's birthday party.
  15. Party food at Stephanie's party.
  16. Stretching with her physio. Rebecca is wearing her flexible arm-splints.
  17. Fame and fortune at five!  Starring as a goldfish in the school play. (Rebecca is the goldfish on the right in the 'blue pond'.)
  18. Dancing the night away with friends at the school disco.
  19. During a trip to Melbourne, Australia, we went for a ride on 'Puffing Billy'. This was his water stop - steam trains sure can drink!
  20. Cruising the Murray River in Melbourne.
  21. At the Chinese Museum in Melbourne.
  22. Talking with a wandering pelican at Melbourne zoo.
  23. Gold fever - on the stage coach at Sovereign Hill gold fields, Australia.
  24. Paddling at the beach
  25. Licking the cake beater
  26. As Friar Tuck at Nicholas' 'Robin Hood' party
  27. Rebecca's 6th birthday party. Making volcano's in the sandpit.
  28. Running down the hill.
  29. Rebecca's birthday cake.
  30. Opening her birthday present's with Aunty Debra
  31. An angel in the Christmas nativity play. (We strapped her wings to the back of her wheelchair!)
  32. Family photos