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If you've got a clever RettChick story to share, please e-mail me.


Rebecca had a good friend called Gina, and used to go and stay at her house on weekends sometimes.

One Saturday they had spent the morning making shortbread (Gina baking and Rebecca watching) and were sitting on the couch ready to eat the finished product.

Gina was holding the piece for Rebecca to bite when the phone rang. Gina put the piece of shortbread on the arm of the couch beside Rebecca and rushed off to answer the phone. When Gina got back Rebecca had managed to lean over to the arm and take a bite all on her own.

Verrry clever I thought for a kid with no hand skills past clapping!


Dani's daddy was feeding her one evening (hamburger and french fries) and was not paying attention to the fact that she was ready for more.

So she looked at me (mom) as if to say, "Do something". I told him she wanted another bite and he gave it to her, but ate some of her french fries in the process.

This really riled Dani. She looked at me again for help and I told her daddy that he made her mad.

He must not have been listening because he ate some more of her fries. With this she really glared, first at him then at me.

So I told her to smack him (I was only kidding), but she reaches out and smacks him right up side his head.

It sent him reeling backwards and she broke up laughing at the startled expression on his face. I had to laugh.

He said, "Why'd you do that?" I told him she was mad that he was eating her fries. She was still laughing, but he saw no humor in it !

This from a child who can no longer feed herself !


The story takes place when Erin was just past her 2nd birthday.

My husband Paul was with the kids, and talking on the phone to a friend.

Erin scooted into the kitchen where Paul was and was hanging out by her high chair. After a while she scooted to the refrigerator and patted it a few times (in between her hand-clapping).

Paul said on the phone "I think Erin is hungry" but didn't get her anything yet.

A short time later, Erin scooted out of the room, and came back with a toy saucepan. This was not a toy she generally played with, but she came into the kitchen with it in her mouth.

Her daddy figured he better get her something to eat quick if she went to all that trouble.

We were very impressed!