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If you have a magic moment to share, please e-mail me.

I couldn't resist this story - hope you like it too ...

Terry, Kayleigh's mother, writes:

Our daughter Kayleigh, who is 10 years old, was a flower girl for the wedding of her special service worker.

Christine comes to our home and helps with therapy programs, self help skills, etc.

Kayleigh glowed as much as the bride. She looked like a princess.

Having her in the wedding party was a silent dream come true for us. Kayleigh's older sister has been a flower girl twice and we thought that Kayleigh would never feel these little joys because she has Rett Syndrome.

Having her in a wedding party means we never know what might happen next. She could seizure, cry, hyperventilate agressively, sleep, etc. Most brides want their day perfect which means perfect acting children.

Christine is a special bride. She stated in her thank yous that her day would not have been perfect without Kayleigh by her side. She thanked us, Kayleigh's parents, for allowing her to be in the wedding party. I do not know how we can thank her.

Kayleigh glowed all week before the wedding.

The morning of the wedding we went in to say good morning and called her "Wedding Girl". She wiggled and giggled in bed. I asked if she was excited. Kayleigh made her sound that meant yes. This doesn't happen often.

She has been very proud to show the picures of the wedding to her friends.

She for once was treated like regular kid and not left behind.

She even danced with the ring boy who is 10 also.  Kayleigh smiled at him the whole dance and her expression was "Is this really happening to me?"

It did my sweet angel and our hearts danced right along with you.....