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Rebecca's family:  parents Gerard and Jane and sister Catherine

Here we are!

Gerard, Rebecca's dad, is an insolvency accountant by day, he has a practice here in Auckland, New Zealand. Gerard is a keen Toastmaster, and volunteers with many community groups. He is treasurer of our local school's Board of Trustees, and trustee and treasurer of the Family Advocacy Charitable Trust.
Jane, Rebecca's mum, works as a computer programmer, loves art movies and reading, and would like an extra few hours each day to fit it all in. Jane is a trustee of The Rebecca Hulst Trust.
Catherine, Rebecca's sister, is shown here hugging her teddy-best-friend Florrie. Catherine has just started school and is loving every minute.

Catherine has grown up a bit since the photo above.

Here is a picture of her taken summer of '96.

And another taken summer of '97.