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Eating dinner Rebecca needs her food to be soft, or cut into small pieces, so that it is easy to chew.

She likes chicken and mashed kumara.

Rebecca also has to eat her greens.

Rebecca's Grandfather is helping her to eat some caramel dairy food.

Because Rebecca loves caramel dairy food she opens her mouth really wide, ready for the next mouthful.

If Rebecca doesn't like a food, she keeps her mouth tightly closed.

Enjoying caramel dairy food
Eye pointing at pavlova Rebecca understands what we say to her.

Because she can't talk, it is sometimes hard for us to understand what she is thinking.

Rebecca can tell us what she wants and how she is feeling.

Sometimes she tells us by looking at what she wants, like staring at a big piece of gooey pavlova. This staring is called eye pointing.

Sometimes she tells us she is happy by laughing, and unhappy by crying.

Rebecca is eye-pointing at the lemon drink.

Rebecca loves home-made lemon drink, just like her Great-Great-Grandmother used to make.

If you would like to try it, the recipe is at the end of this page.

Eye pointing at lemon drink
Using a hand switch Rebecca is learning to use a switch to turn on her toy musical TV.

One day she might be able to use her switch with a machine that says words for her.

On Sundays Rebecca goes with her Mum and Dad to Mass at their local church. Going to Mass
Walking with Dad Rebecca loves going for walks.

Today she is walking with her Dad.

They spend some time smelling the flowers. Smelling the flowers
Floating in the pool Rebecca likes to go swimming.

She has a jacket to help her float.

Rebecca likes warm water better than cold water.

Rebecca is swimming with her Dad. Swimming with Dad
And her Aunty Debra and her cousin William.
At the weekends Rebecca likes to relax.

Sometimes her friend Stephanie comes over to play.

Rebecca likes to watch TV - especially The Muppet Show.

Rebecca also likes to take cat naps. She is sleeping in her mother's lap.

Sleeping with Mum
Something to talk about:
How is Rebecca like me?
How would it feel to be able to understand but not talk?
If Rebecca was in your class, how would you help her?
How can we communicate with Rebecca?
What would it be like to have a wheelchair?