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Rebecca swimming Written by

Jane Hulst

Photographs by

Michael Smith

Title by

Marsha Forest

Rebecca has Rett Syndrome.

Girls who have Rett Syndrome have trouble walking, talking and using their hands to hold things. Sometimes they have trouble thinking.

But the things they like to do and the people they like to be with, are the same as other girls.

This book talks about Rebecca's life.

Rebecca at school
Rebecca's birthday party Rebecca is five.

She had her birthday party at McDonalds.

Rebecca's friends helped her to blow out her candles and cut her Ronald McDonald birthday cake.

Then they helped Rebecca eat her cake.

After lunch they played 'Simon Says'.

Rebecca has been to Stephanie's and Chelsea's birthday parties.

Playing 'Simon Says'
Eating breakfast Every morning Rebecca gets up at 7 o'clock. She has a bath with her Mum and then breakfast with her Dad.

Rebecca likes Weetbix and fruit for breakfast. Sometimes on the weekend she has hash browns and scrambled eggs.

Rebecca has a big cloth to keep her clothes clean.

Rebecca is in J1 at school.

Rebecca has a lot of classmates to make friends with.

With her classmates
Maths activities Rebecca is doing maths activities with her classmates.
Rebecca is also learning to read and spell. Maths activities
Listening to music Rebecca likes to listen to music.

She is enjoying the tape playing at day-care.

After school Rebecca likes being with her friends at child care.

Rebecca enjoys the feel of squishy playdough, and grainy sand.

Playing in the sandpit
Reading with Grandma Rebecca's Grandmother is reading a story with Rebecca.

Rebecca likes stories. She looks carefully at the pictures and reads the words.

Rebecca enjoys One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.